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eBook Descriptions

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We have published a series of tutorial eBooks that we use as a text for our classes. We have now made them available for purchase directly from Views of Nature.

- Macro Photography - Bringing the Small World to Life. The new fourth addition is 140 pages covering the craft and art of macro work plus a section on equipment for getting great close ups! We also cover the use of focus stacking software to overcome the depth of field limitations present in high magnification, close focus situations. $17.95

- Travel Photography for Fun and Profit(?). Revised 2022 edition, 145 pages dealing with the technical aspects of photography (the craft), preparation for travel and lots of examples of travel images in a variety of locations. We look at travel photography in a way that will help you make sure you return home with as many great images as you can. $17.95

- Digital Nature Photography - Nature and Wildlife for the Experienced Photographer - Colorado Edition. 143 pages with discussing exposure, composition, equipment, workflow and many other aspects of outdoor image making. The Colorado edition now includes a section on where to go in Colorado and some surrounding states for great wildlife images. $17.95

- Fundamentals of Bird Photography. Birds are one of the most abundant yet challenging photographic subjects. Some of the issues you may come across in photographing birds run from exposure to composition to how to approach them. This 134 page eBook will provide you with the tools and strategies to bring home great images. $17.95

- Depth of Field - A Photographers Guide to Understanding Focus. This book is a guide to one of the most critical parts of image making, namely that of focus. In it we explore the concepts of depth of field, hyperfocal distance and focus stacking . These tools help us recreate the images we envisioned in the field. $14.95