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Views of Nature Photography

 This book is about the craft and the art of bird photography using modern digital cameras. Although the emphasis is on the use of Digital SLR or Mirrorless cameras, users of “point and shoot” cameras and Smartphones can benefit greatly from it as well. It was written to accompany our Bird Photography courses, but it can be a stand-alone reference. We’ll start with a review of the craft or the technical part of photography. Getting great images requires great light, a pleasing composition and a proper exposure. The craft addresses light, exposure and to some degree the composition.  After the thorough review of the process of making an image we’ll  venture into the art by studying the “rules” of composition. We will then move on to the practice of photographing birds, a section we call “Applied” Bird Photography. We finish with a selection of images annotated to show the compositional nuances and bird behavior.

References and appendices with helpful information complete the material.

What's in the Book:

The Technical Part     
Art in Photography  
      Direction of Light  
      Design and Composition  
Applied Bird Photography  
      Flight shots  
      Photographing Captive Birds  
      Photographing Nests  
      Photographing Juvenile Birds
      Feeder Photography  
      Example Images 
      In the field  
Where to go for Bird Images  
Appendix 1 Workflow  
Appendix 2 Selecting Your Camera Equipment  
Appendix 3 Equipment for Outdoor Photography  
Appendix 4 Ethics of Flash for Bird Photography 


Fundamentals of Bird Photography