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This book is about travel photography and how to come home with strong images that you can proudly display and maybe even market.

We’ve been making pictures for many years, primarily of nature and wildlife. Our journeys to do the nature and wildlife work have given us the chance to travel extensively and we have used that opportunity to develop our skills in shooting images not just of the natural world but of the people and places that surround the wild areas. From this we developed our Travel Photography expertise.

This book was written to accompany our Travel Photography short course, but it can be a stand-alone reference as well. We do include a review of the craft and composition to make sure we agree on terms and concepts.

What's in the book:

The Craft of Photography  
The Art of Travel Photography                  
      Lighting and Composition  
Practical Travel Photography 


    Questions We Often Get  

    Taking your Photography to the Next Level  
First and Third World Countries  
Let’s Go Travelling (Internationally)  
Close to Home Destinations 

Once in a Lifetime Destinations 
Fortune Favors the Prepared   
What to do with your Work  
Travel Photography Tips  
Travel Logistics  
Appendix 1 Workflow 
Appendix 2 Equipment 


Travel Photography

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