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This book is about the craft and the art of nature and wildlife photography using modern digital cameras. Although the emphasis is on the use of Digital SLR or Mirrorless cameras, users of “point and shoot” cameras can benefit greatly from it as well. It was written to accompany our Intermediate Nature Photography courses, but it can be a stand-alone reference as well. 

Nature and Wildlife includes just about all non-domestic animals, any plant life that grows naturally and the environment in which they live. Wildlife can be found in lots of locations, both “in the wild” and in controlled habitats like zoos, sanctuaries and rehab facilities. Plant life can be found in the wild as well as in botanic gardens and parks. Don’t limit your search for subjects, use all of the available places. Toward the end of this book, we’ll provide some locations and resources for finding wildlife. We’re Colorado based so a lot of our locations are in the Centennial State, but this book can provide ideas for finding critters where you live. We have also included some locations around the U.S. and around the world to further inspire you.

What's in the Book:

The Technical Part     

      How a Digital Camera Works  
      Sensor size     
      Built In Light Meters  
      Metering patterns 
      Image file formats      
      Exposure modes 
      Exposure Compensation  
      Color Temperature  
      White Balance 
Hyperfocal Distance   
The Art in Photography  
      Controlling Light  
      Direction of Light 
      Design and Composition  
      Unique Perspective  
In the Field  
Where to go for Nature Images  
Appendix 1 Workflow  
Appendix 2 Selecting Your Camera Equipment  
Appendix 3 Equipment for Outdoor Photography  

Digital Nature Photography

Nature and Wildlife for the Experienced Photographer  Colorado Edition.