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This book is about the craft and art of macro or close-up photography and how to come home with strong images that you can proudly display. It was written to supplement our intermediate level Macro Photography courses, but it can be a stand-alone reference as well. 

We typically open our Intermediate  Macro Course with the statement “Welcome to a grad school course in close up shooting!” We hope you’ll not be intimidated by some of the technical details, but you must realize that digital photography in general and macro in particular is a pretty technically sophisticated undertaking. Like any other endeavor that involves a level of technical understanding, practice makes perfect or at least makes the photographer more comfortable with the activity.

In this book we hope to provide you with tools and techniques to get those great shots.

What's in the book:

Macro Subjects                       
Basic Macro Digital Photography   
      Camera Light Meters & Metering Patterns 
      Exposure Compensation 
      Exposure Modes  
      Dynamic Range 
      Color Temperature 
      White Balance   
      Image Formats   
Depth of Field 
Focus Stacking Software  
Available Equipment    
Macro Photography in the Field   
The Art of Composing the Image    
      Rules of Composition  
Improving your Images   
Closing Thoughts        
Appendix 1 – Workflow
Appendix 2 – Selecting Your Camera Equipment 
Appendix 3 – Equipment for Macro


Macro Photography

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