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Creepy Crawlies! In the Fall of 2019 we ventured to southern Colorado to see and photograph the annual "migration" of Oklahoma brown tarantula spiders. We found and photographed several. Click on this link Tarantulas to read about the adventure and see some of our images.

Our bat images are available for licensing now on the Bat Conservation International website:

In February of 2019 we traveled to the Southern Polar regions on an expedition to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. That part of the world is incredible. Jump to ANTARCTICA , read and view our story and images. We have created two presentations from this journey, Antarctica and Wildlife of the Southern Ocean. Both are described in our Course Catalog in the Travelogue section.

Member of the North American Nature Photography Association and the Photographic Society of America.

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Views of Nature Photography is pleased to have you visit our site. We offer a variety of images and services for you to peruse. Our "focus" has always been to approach outdoor photography and photography education with conservation of our planet and its resources in the forefront. Please take a few minutes and look through our site.

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Over the years we've written many articles on Photography and Image Management. See the Digital Corner to link to some of them. These pages are updated regularly so check back periodically.

In the summer of 2018 we were back on the plains of Southeastern Colorado. We spent time in the towns and the canyons, exploring the prehistory and the historical sites of this area. We've added a page (Southeast Colorado) as well as a new travel program about the region (Course Catalog). In the fall we traveled to New Mexico and west Texas. Two programs on travel and photography came from this trip.

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In today's highly charged environment we often may be distracted by the 24 news cycle. While politics, climate change, fracking, social problems and the like deserve our attention and action, let's not forget that we can make a difference, if only a small one. Our attention to common sense while in the field can make a positive impact on the environment and serve as an example to others. 

To further our commitment to ethical practices, we have added a page to our website that addresses those areas we feel are important. Please navigate to Ethics and Wildlife Photography​.

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