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Wild Horses

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The Sand Wash Basin in northwestern Colorado is home to a herd of over 450 horses. These horses are wild in every sense. They live their lives on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land without any interference or help from humans. They are not true wild "mustangs" but more feral horses whose lines came from escaped and released stock. The Sand Wash Herd Management Area is nearly 158,000 acres, mostly public land.  The area is about 45 miles west of Craig, Colorado. The main access is on County Road 67 off State Highway 318. The roads in the Sand Wash area are pretty well maintained but can become very slick when wet. Also some of the roads have VERY sharp rocks, sharp enough to cut through tires. We had two flat tires in a matter of seconds and had to be towed out (a three-hour tow truck ride to Rifle, Colorado).